Created by Mario Leitao - I’m not a website designer and I never studied website creation or design, but I did this website!!

L  E  I  T  A  O

Hi, I’m Mario and I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself…

Firstly, I’m an attorney or if you are from a country that refers to them as lawyers… I’m a lawyer.  

After I completing my LLB degree, I did my articles, I passed my admission exams and I was admitted as an attorney.

A few months later, I opened my own legal practice and after a few years I closed it down and made a decision to stop practicing as an attorney.

. . .

Although it is still early days, I am getting started with content writing and I’m looking for opportunities to write articles and blogs for people or businesses who need content but don’t always have time to create content.

I also enjoy social media and I’m currently managing a few Facebook Pages.  I’m looking to expand on this and want to work with more individuals and businesses to help them with their social media needs, from managing their accounts, to consulting with them and assisting them with their presence on social media.