Created by Mario Leitao - I’m not a website designer and I never studied website creation or design, but I did this website!!

L  E  I  T  A  O

Services I offer

This is some of the services I currently offer.  I’ll add to these over time…

If you need help with anything email me!

Content Writing

Do you need articles or content written for your blog, social media pages or for your website? Let me write it for you...

Content Re Purposing

Have you got a great piece of content but don’t know how to re use it?  Let me help you, i can create small bite sized pieces from content from it for you to use again and again and again.

Social Media Management

Have social media pages but dont have the time to manage them?  Let me help by managing your social media pages for you.

Social Media Consulting

Do you need some guidance with your social media efforts.  Let me help you and guide you on the path to doing social media more effectively.  

Social Media Marketing

You’ve heard about it but you aren’t sure how to do it - let me help you with your social media marketing.

Legal Consulting

Have any legal issues you need advice about or help with?  Let me help you or steer you in the right direction.